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Ann and Stuart Mercer


Ann graduated in 2013 from Central St. Martins with a First Class Honours in Ceramic Design. Stuart, an architect, joined her in 2014 and they work collaboratively on pieces in their studio now relocated in France.


Ann's work is based on post-modernist, asymmetrical and symmetrical architectural forms.  Her wall pieces are an assemblage of porcelain slip cast forms decorated with ceramic transfer patterns derived from the urban environment, grids, and geometric structural patterns, with a colour palette of black, orange, green, blue and grey.

Her most recent work comprises tall individual slip cast and added hand thrown porcelain forms with sinuous stripes of glazing applied on their sufaces 


Stuart's wall pieces explore the concept of chance through the random re-arrangement of a finite labyrinth patterns of architecturally inspired tile forms. It is the resulting interplay of tile shapes, the transformation from the rational to the irrational, man's hand and serendipity, that makes each piece unique.


His current work includes hand thrown bowls and bases with glazed interiors and underglaze decoration exploring the interplay of conflicting geometries on their external surfaces.


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